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I’m an English teacher and translator, am passionate about photography and travel, have explored many parts of the world and love to capture the essence of places using my camera.

My family and I have been living in Mexico City since 2009 and I have wandered far and wide throughout this mind-boggling city, on foot, on my bicycle, in my car with a camera around my neck.

I love sharing my photos and inside knowledge with others.





Mexico City Photo Walks Webpage

My website “Margaret Metcalfe Photography” contains my personal collection of images taken in Mexico:

Margaret Metcalfe Photography – Discovering Mexico





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This website is all about exploring Mexico through photography. It aims to inspire and motivate people to find out more about this amazing country, its people, places, customs and food by becoming more observant and curious, using the camera to capture everyday scenes or special moments.

——- Photography ——-

Photo of the Day – an image showing some aspect of Mexico with a brief description

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Photo Tips – advice and suggestions for more creative images

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——- Photo Walks ——-

Information about upcoming Photo Walks in Mexico City and reports about past walks complete with photos from the event.

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——- Mexico ——-

Information and photos about Mexico City and the rest of Mexico, including museums, places, customs, trips, and many other aspects.

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