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Music and song in the cemeteries

Día de Muertos Mexican-style…On the 1st and 2nd November, you can see musicians wandering through the cemeteries ready to sing a favorite song of the deceased loved one. It is a celebration after all. 


Horses and riders

Horses and riders of all ages gather during the festivities of Mexican Independence in the “pueblo mágico” of Malinalco, Estado de México. Even young girls and boys can be seen on horses, like this...


Mexican mounted police

Probably Mexico’s best loved police force, the mounted police can be seen mainly in the parks. This photo was taken in the Alameda Park in the Centro Histórico a few years ago, but since...


The Vochol, art on wheels

One-of-a-kind in the world, this VW Beetle has been decorated by indigenous artisans from the Huichol communities in Jalisco and Nayarit with symbols and stories from their culture. Two families spent 7 months working...


Colorful sawdust carpets

The people of Tlaxcala are famous for their beautiful “carpets” (tapetes de aserrín) made of colored sawdust. These carpets featuring intricate designs are often used to for religious processions and at special festivals.  Unfortunately,...


Pilgrims from Puebla at the Basilica

Last Sunday, 22nd February, the Basilica de Guadalupe was full of pilgrims from Puebla on their annual pilgrimage. The most eye-catching group were the Quetzal dancers with their spectacular circular headdresses, representing the extravagant...


Photo Walk Nº2 – Chapultepec Park

Photo Walk Nº2 was originally supposed to be around the Zócalo but we had to change our venue because of the Pope’s visit. It was going to start in Chapultepec Castle and then the route...


Devoted to San Judas Tadeo

Every 28th day of the month, people venerate San Judas Tadeo (Judas Thaddeus) and gather at the Iglesia de San Hipólito near the Alameda Park. San Judas Tadeo is the saint of lost causes...


Indigenous artwork with beads

  The Totonacs of Papantla, Veracruz, who perform the ritual Danza de los Voladores (The Dance of the Flyers) launching themselves off a high pole with a rope attached to their ankles, make their own...